The holidays are right around the corner. If you’re unsure of what to buy the many people on your shopping lists, consider buying hair care gifts. Everyone washes their hair and uses different products to achieve a certain look or hairstyle. The best part is that there are so many hair care gifts you can purchase for just about everyone on your list.

Hair Care Gift Ideas

Here are some hair care gift ideas, just in time for the holiday season:

  1. Hair tools. If your pal loves to change up their look, buy them a nice hair dryer, curling iron, straightening iron, or styling brushes.
  2. Hair accessories. There are so many hair accessories out there. Some of the most popular right now are creaseless hair ties, scrunchies, and headbands. Anything velvet is very on trend right now and perfect for the holidays.
  3. Hair colors. If you have a bold friend who loves to change up their hair color, consider getting them some washable color dye or hair chalk. This would also be a fun gift for a teen in your life.
  4. Salon gift card. A salon gift card is always a perfect gift. Everyone needs to get their hair cut or colored every once in a while, and it is so nice when you don’t have to pay for it out of pocket. You could also get them a gift card to a place that sells hair care products so they can pick out what they want.
  5. Hair regrowth system. If your friend has told you that their hair is thinning or falling out and expressed the desire to use a hair regrowth system, why not gift it to them? Try the Keranique® Hair Regrowth System which includes scalp stimulating shampoo, volumizing keratin conditioner, lift and repair treatment spray, a detangling comb, and a volumizing brush.
  6. Hair vitamins. Certain vitamins can give you the hair you crave. If your friend or a family member has been wishing for longer and stronger hair, help them get there. Try Keranique Daily Essentials.
  7. Gift sets. Ask for their favorite brand of hair products and find a gift set of products. These generally come out during the holiday season and can actually be a great deal.
  8. DIY hair care If you are low on cash or have a friend who loves natural and organic products, try making hair care gifts this year. Find a recipe online for shampoo, conditioner, or a hair mask and create a DIY treat for everyone on your list.
  9. Lastly, if you are a hairdresser or are good with hair, gift them your services. Tell them you can cut, color, or style their hair for free or for a discount. This may work better if you need a gift for someone who you aren’t that close to since you probably already cut your family’s hair for free.

Do you enjoy gifting or receiving hair care gifts during the holidays? What are your favorite types of hair care products to give to your family and friends?

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  1. Anita bradey says:

    I use your products and are good but my hair is still breaking not from the roots but half way down it seem to be weak. What is the hair growth treatment for women is this any good for me. Also please hold my order as I have still got lots of shampoo and conditioner customer ID sptv2018062018475443 and I’m not sureif it’s working for me….you have been wonderful with your help thanks.

    • Keranique Hair says:

      Hi Anita,
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