Hair loss affects women in different ways, at different stages throughout their lifetime. Sometimes, it is a normal part of everyday life–sometimes it is a symptom related to health. The general consensus on how much hair should fall per day is 80-100 strands. But what does this really mean? No one would count the hairs that fall from their head each day, even if it were possible. Here’s how to do an assessment of how much hair you are losing, by doing the pull test.

Hair Loss Pull Test:

  1. Take about 60 hairs (the width of a straw) and hold the hairs between your fingertips at your scalp.
  2. Slowly pull up, to the ends of the strands.
  3. If more than six strands came out, you may be experiencing hair loss out of the normal range.

Scalp experts, called trichologists, use many methods to diagnose hair loss, but if you look in the mirror and see a drastic change, it can be helpful to try and identify what is causing your hair to fall out. Here are some causes of hair loss in women:


Pregnancy causes a woman’s hormones to spike out of control. One of the many effects of these hormonal fluctuations, in many cases, is thicker hair growth. During pregnancy, hair enters a growth stage and keeps on going until the baby is born. Postpartum, a woman experiences sleep deprivation and other hormonal changes. A combination of these two situations creates the perfect storm for hair loss to occur.


Your skin and hair are not considered to be vital tissues for normal bodily function. When your body undergoes illness or stress, your hair and skin are often the first parts of your body that suffer. Stress management techniques can help you retain some of those locks more effectively than you may think.


Genetic diseases like androgenetic alopecia can cause hair to fall out at a certain age. Though not everyone with this genetic predisposition will experience hair loss, combined with environmental factors like stress, you may experience hair loss.


About forty percent of women experience some degree of hair loss as they age. Over the years, hair undergoes styling, drying, coloring and everything in between. The damage culminates over the years and scalp damage can cause hair to fall out.

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