Unfortunately, gray or white hairs could possibly strike at any age and can be spread out on your head or clustered together. Premature gray hairs may be caused by simple genetics and, of course, are more common as you get older.2

So, what should you do if these little gray hairs bother you?

If about 20 to 30 percent of your hair color is gray, go ahead and color your hair if you’d like to get rid of the gray. If your grays are popping in with only a few in one spot, try a root concealer to hide the grays if you don’t want to be committing to permanently coloring your hair. Root concealers can match your hair color and hide grays easily and wash out when you wash your hair. Keranique’s Tint & Texture Color Density Treatment Spray delivers lightweight color to your scalp and hair and instantly fills in thinning areas.

You can also try a brow touch-up gel, that looks like a mascara and is normally used to color your eyebrows, on your stray grays. Just pick a color that matches your hair color and color in those grays carefully. If you have light hair, try using a colored dry shampoo. It can lighten up those grays and blend them in every so slightly. It will also keep your hair looking fresh and give it a boost of volume!

If you have a few grays here and there, you are probably known to pluck or yank them out. However, if you keep yanking out your hair, you may end up with a bald spot! Try to resist the urge.1

If you don’t mind me asking, how old were you when you first started noticing grays? How many do you have now? What is your favorite way to cover up those stray grays? Share with us in the comments below!

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2 – From US News

8 thoughts on “How to Cover Stray Grays

    • Keranique Hair says:

      Yes, you can use the Minoxidil on both permed and color-treated hair. We recommend that you do not use Minoxidil on the same day your hair is colored or treated with permanent wave chemicals.

  1. LInda says:

    My greys just started coming in at 56. The greys are found around the temple area and the front of my head. Love the idea of a eyebrow brush.

    My normal hair color is medium brown with red hi lights I have foiled different areas that are thick in grey.

  2. Anna Campbell says:

    I’m in my 60’s. My hair is more than 50% grey, my family grey very early. I colored my hair for many years but I stopped about 18 months ago, I’m using Keranique kit because my hair was thinning and I’m happy to say I got results, my hair is fuller than before. When I use the lift and repair spray my hair is very dry and tangled.

  3. Aggie says:

    I started getting occasional grey hair in my early 72 years. I a usually use a non ammonia color product .NOw at 77 am noticing a few more . Does not bother me. My eyebrows getting grey bother me. as I tweeze them out. Also I have noticed my hair is thinning. I believe that could be due to an over active thyroid. That bothers me the most!!!

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