There are few things less annoying than frizzy hair. We all want smooth and sleek hair or curls or waves without the added frizz. But what happens when the weather, humidity or damaged hair takes over and leaves you with annoying frizz? You fight it!

Here are some of the products you should look for to fight those frizzies:

  • First, fight frizz as you wash your hair. Look for moisturizing or specific frizz fighting shampoos and conditioners and make sure you don’t scrub your hair with a towel after or it may irritate your hair and may cause frizz. Try our Deep Hydration Scalp Stimulating Shampoo to moisturize and soothe your frazzled mane.
  • Next, choose the right brush. Before you brush your hair, lightly mist the brush with hairspray and then brush your hair to smooth your frizzy locks. You can also use this tip to tame frizz on the go. Simply spray your brush before you head out the door and throw it in your bag for any hair emergencies that may arise during the day.
  • Before you style your hair, you need to use products that will stop frizz from happening and smooth down any frizz you already have. Look for an anti-frizz serum, cream, spray or foam. Remember that a little goes a long way and if you are in a pinch, you can use a little bit of lotion to smooth down your hair and tame the frizz. However, don’t use too much lotion or your hair may become greasy looking.

Do you get frizzy hair? What products or techniques do you use to tame the frizz? Share with us below!

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