Achieving your personalized blonde look doesn’t mean you must spend hundreds of dollars in an upscale salon. Knowing your skin tone and choosing a corresponding color can do wonders in enhancing your look, straight out of the bottle! Of course, if you have naturally dark hair, it might be wise to see a professional colorist so you don’t accidentally do some damage.

If you’re not sure what type of skin tone you have exactly, it can be helpful to go a store and sample concealers to see what blends in best with your complexion. This can help give a name to your tone. Otherwise, you can also hold a white piece of paper up to your face and see which tone is reflected onto it for your true skin tone.

Here is our guide to finding the right blonde for your specific skin tone.


Your fair skin might be more prone to sunburns, but it is also the skin tone that pairs well with the largest variety of blondes. Depending on your comfort level, length, and texture of your hair, try going platinum. Platinum is an edgy color, but it’s a fun and trendy way to pump up your look. If that’s not up your alley, opt for sandy or other bright tones.


Not quite fair, not quite tan. Your in-between skin is hard to classify when you’re shopping for makeup, but fun to bronze up in the summer. For your skin tone, try finding a buttery blonde with bright highlights. It’ll wake up your look and make your whole complexion look golden.


This skin tone has Mediterranean origins, which makes sense because of all the olive oil that appears in those family recipes. Your olive skin tone has undertones that are either yellow or green, so it’s important to get a more natural looking blonde. Try a neutral honey blonde, or even “bronde”. Both shades will give you a sunny, natural look.


Embrace your sunny ora with a golden blonde look. When your skin is naturally tan, you want to be careful not to go platinum or too yellow, as these colors never look believable. Opting for a golden color can give you a “just stepped off the beach” look that’ll keep you warm in any season.


Light mocha to dark chocolate: your skin tone requires an upscale blonde treatment that you might not find out of the bottle. The right tone for you is a warm blonde with multidimensional high and low-lights. Incorporating reds and browns can help blend your blonde. Be extra careful not to damage your hair with a blonde treatment, as you’ll likely have to bleach it to obtain your base color.

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