Blowouts are amazing. You just sit there as a hairstylist washes, massages your head, brushes and then blows out your hair. You walk out of the salon feeling like a whole new person with movie star quality hair. However, blow outs can often be expensive. So, how do you make a blowout last? You can make a blowout last up to a week if you are serious about incorporating these tips and tricks into your life.

  1. Avoid products on the first day of your blowout. Your hairstylist might add some products to your hair as she works on it, but don’t add any additional products yourself afterward. It will just weigh down your hair and make it become greasy faster.
  2. If the weather is humid, try an anti-humidity spray the next few days. It will help keep the frizz away from your fresh new blowout.
  3. Before you go to sleep, put your hair into a high ponytail or loose bun. It will help you reduce damage, gain extra volume and avoid getting too tangled.
  4. Another sleep tip for blowouts: use a satin or silk pillow. They keep hair shiny and smooth and keep grease at bay.
  5. Avoid touching your hair to avoid getting dirt and oil on your hair while it is so fresh.
  6. Keep dry shampoo around if your hair starts to feel itchy, dirty or greasy.
  7. If your hair starts to feel limp and dry shampoo didn’t help, use a curling iron to touch up your blowout.
  8. Use a shower cap while showering or bathing to avoid getting your hair wet.
  9. If you are really serious about keeping your blowout fresh, avoid doing anything that makes you sweat a lot. If you really need your workout or have to be in sweltering heat, try a cotton headband to wick away sweat.
  10. When your hair starts to look dull at the end of the week, try a shine spray. Our marula oil hair mist will work wonders.


Do you ever get blowouts? How long do they last for you? Do you use any of these tricks or other tricks to make your blowout last? Comment below!

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