If you have curly hair, you likely spend way more time and money on your hair regimen than your friends with silky straight hair. Fortunately, there are ways to embrace your natural bounce and define their coils. These life hacks will change the way you view your unruly curly hair.

Here is our ultimate curly hair style guide:

Trim Often
It can feel like your hair grows more slowly than others, but that’s not really the case. Though the rate at which your hair grows has a lot to do with your diet and biology, the texture of your hair is unrelated. When your hair grows it coils. This means your hair isn’t growing slowly, it’s just following its own path. Trimming your ends often helps keep hair healthy by ridding it of dead, dry hair.

Hair masks
Doing weekly hair masks helps infuse your hair with the moisture it desires. You can try creating your own at-home treatment with coconut oil and other essential oils, and locking it in with a shower cap for a couple of hours. If you struggle with thinning hair and want to stimulate new growth, try the Keranique Micro-Exfoliating Follicle Revitalizing Mask.

Apply product in sections
Your hair can frizz when curls are broken up. While applying product, section your hair off into at least 5 sections, depending on the thickness of your hair. This can help diminish frizzing by preventing you from haphazardly applying product in one shot.

Use a diffuser or dry with a t-shirt
Terry cloth towels act like Velcro to your hair–they detach curls from their natural coil, which can lead to deflated, frizzy hair. Cotton t-shirts are great for absorbing water without disturbing curls. If you need to get your hair dried fast, the diffuser attachment on your blow dryer should become your new favorite tool. Using it on a low setting helps ease your curls into becoming dry, without robbing them of all moisture.

Sulfate Free Shampoo, alcohol free products
Your curls need all the moisture they can get, so avoid sulfates and alcohol at all costs. Sulfates eliminate grease quickly and are used in household cleaning products. Alcohol can dry your hair shafts out, leaving them brittle and prone to frizz.

Wide tooth comb or boar bristle brush
You likely learned early in life that brushing your hair awoke a frizzy beast that could not be tamed. At the same time, distributing your natural oils from root to tip is extremely important to maintaining healthy hair. To solve this, you can try brushing with a boar bristle brush or combing with a wide tooth comb.

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