Are you a self-proclaimed beauty junkie or do you never use any products in your hair at all? Either way, there are so many different hair products out there for different hair styles and hair types. It can be so overwhelming to know what to choose or what to try out! We dug up a list of some of the best hair products you’ve probably never heard of. Let us know which ones you plan to try (or if you’ve actually heard of them and use them!):

  1. Protective oil treatments. Oil treatments can help your hair become soft and shiny, especially if it has become damaged. It doesn’t make your hair greasy, even if you use a little too much.
  2. High gloss masks. This is another great treatment if you have dry or damaged hair. Look for ones with fragrance to give your hair a special pick me up too.
  3. Apple cider vinegar rinses. You can go the old-fashioned route and just pick up some high quality organic apple cider vinegar from your grocery store, but they also make hair rinses with other goodness in it to make your hair smooth and less dry and itchy.
  4. Color shields. Try a color shield spray when you want to keep your color bright but still want to use hot styling tools. It will protect your hair from the heat and keep your color and hair healthy and glowing.
  5. Rose gold shine spray. You’ve probably heard of shine spray. You also probably are on the rose gold train these days. Why not combine them? Give your hair a rose gold shimmer and a shine by using a rose gold shine spray.
  6. Tug free ties. If your hair is ripped out every time you take your hair out of a ponytail, you need these. They are strong but they glide on and off hair to reduce breakage.
  7. Extra absorbent towels. Microfiber towels and head wraps for when you get out of the shower can help your hair dry faster by absorbing the water out much faster. Whatever saves a few minutes getting ready in the morning, right?
  8. Fast drying spray. This spray helps your hair dry faster and helps it to air dry more smooth and silky. It is also a detangler and heat protectant. Sounds like the perfect product for your hair to keep it healthy and help you get ready quickly.

Which products are you going to try? Which ones do you already use? #Trendsetter Share with us!

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