Pregnancy can affect a woman’s hair in numerous ways! It is said that one of the best things about being pregnant – aside from the morning sick ness – not sleeping – and gaining weight – is BEAUTIFUL HAIR!

However not all women may experience this at the beginning stages of pregnancy.  They may experience some thinning or extra shedding until the body gets use to the new changes in the body.

The reason for the hair changes is because our body is now producing more levels of estrogen and androgen than it normally would. Estrogen and Androgen promote beautiful shinier looking hair. Some women also experience difference in their hair texture – such as tighter curls – less curly – oiler strands – thicker hair in certain areas – but this is caused because of the additional hormonal rise and fall production that is occurring.

Pregnancy And Hair Loss

How is our hair cycle affected once we find out we are pregnant?

Our hair has three cycles: growth, transition and rest stage. Once we are pregnant, our hair stays in the growth stage a little longer…minimizing the shedding we would normal see every day, which is about 100-150 strands a day. Noticing less hair shedding is normal during the 9 months you are pregnant.

We are sure you have heard prenatal vitamins also help with the new changes that occurring to your hair. (In a good way) However that is a myth! Estrogen and androgen levels, along with the rise and fall of our hormones, are what attribute to your hair changes. There is little scientific evidence to support taking prenatal vitamins as hair vitamins.

What happens after I have the baby?

Well you’ve had the baby! Congratulations! Now we are sure within the next few months you will notice excessive hair shedding and some thinning out. Your hair will go back to what it was prior to the pregnancy.   You have gotten to the point where your hormones are leveling out back to their normal levels. Usually this can occur any time between 3-9 months postpartum. If you are breastfeeding – your hair growth cycle will go back to normal; however, there usually isn’t as much delay.

All women are different some may not noticed the changes all at once. Others may see it more drastically, and others may see actual TEMPORARY balding in certain areas and thinning that they have never seen…this usually lasts a few months.

For those that have seen those temporary balding and thinning – most common areas are the temple and around the front of the hair line – this is called Telogen Effluvium. Telogen Effluvium is the excessive shedding of hair that usually occurs one to five months following pregnancy. This affects most women not all – but it is not rare – and you have to remember it is TEMPORARY!

What are some preventative or hair care measures I can do after baby?

Please see the list of things you can do below:

  • You can visit your doctor and they can ensure your hormone levels are balanced as they should be.
  • Avoid tight hairstyles such as braids, weaves, tight rollers etc – anything that will cause stress on your hair/scalp.
  • Make sure you are a eating a balance and healthy diet such as – fruits, veggies, and proteins of course. Foods that contain antioxidants that will provide protection to your follicle and promote hair growth.
  • Using a correct Shampoo and Conditioner will help as well – in the beginning after delivery using shampoo and conditioner that contains Biotin will be perfect.
  • Remember your hair is at its most delicate state when it is wet – ensure you are not sleeping with it wet, and avoiding harsh brushes when combing.
  • Make sure to use a heat protectant when using blow dryer and any heated tools –don’t forget about the cool setting as well.
  • You can also make sure with your doctor if you don’t have any vitamin deficiency – so you can ensure to take the right vitamins postpartum.

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