Rainbow hair is becoming a popular trend right now. From mermaid hair, to unicorn hair, to rainbow ombre, there are tons of different styles you can choose. Whether you want to go full out or just have a little bit of color, here are the things you need to know before you dye your hair a bright color.

  1. It takes hours. If you decide to get any type of bright color, be prepared to sit in the salon for hours, especially if you have long hair. Depending on your current color, you will probably need any old color stripped, your hair bleached, toned and then colored with your new hue. Bleach can also burn so be prepared for a little pain. No pain, no gain, right? It may also be very expensive, especially if you have very long or thick hair.
  2. Know what shade you want or show your stylist photos of your desired look. You might have a clear picture on what color you want but your hair stylist might think it is something else. For example, some might think lilac is purple and other’s might think it is slightly blue. Just make sure you are on the same page before they start coloring your hair.
  3. It requires a lot of maintenance. If you hate maintaining your hair, don’t go for a bright shade. It also washes out quickly so if you can’t stand the thought of sitting for hours at a salon, only for it to wash out in a few weeks, don’t do it either. It can also start to change hue after several washes. You will need to get color protectant and moisturizing products to maintain healthy hair and avoid damaging it further. Ask your stylist any questions before they start coloring.
  4. If you’ve decided to take the leap, you need to know what type of rainbow hair do you desire. You can rainbow just your roots to be able to hide it.try one bright color all over, try highlights or ombre, or do a full-on rainbow hair with different bright colors. No matter what you decide, embrace the change and don’t forget to take care of your hair!

Have you ever had rainbow hair or have you considered it? Did you know all that goes into the process? Share photos with us!

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