Women with fine or thinning hair should have the freedom to do whatever they wish with their hair. Leaving it down or putting it up in a ponytail is an innocuous choice for some women and a huge decision for those with thinner hair. If you’d like to put your hair in a ponytail, here are our tips for creating a ponytail that appears thicker than it actually is:

Using ponytail holders, clips and bobby pinsThickerPonytailTricksKeranique
Making your ponytail thicker starts from the base. By using simple hidden hair accessories, you can give your hair a bump. Stacking two ponytail holders can give you more volume than you think. Also, putting a small clip under the top layer of your ponytail can make it appear more voluminous as well. You can also try arranging bobby pins inside the ponytail to create a similar illusion.

Teasing multiple layers
Teasing has been used to make hair look bigger for years, and a little teasing at the base of your ponytail can go far. It’s important to tease more than one layer in your ponytail to get the optimal amount of volume.

Curl it
Popping some curls in your hair once it’s up can make your ponytail appear larger as well. This quick trick takes almost no time compared to curling your hair when it’s down. Make sure to use hair spray to help hold those curls!

Use Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo is great for when you take days off washing your hair in between showers, as well as giving your hair extra volume. It’s applied straight to your scalp, which means you get lift from root to tip.


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