With the heat and humidity, frizz is likely to pop up during the summer months. Are you ready to combat frizz and keep your hair looking healthy and shiny? Here are some ways to prevent and fight frizz this summer:

  1. Shampooing every day can cause damage and unwanted frizz, especially in the summer. Try washing your hair every other day and use dry shampoo in between washes if you need to. When you do wash your hair, be gentle and always apply conditioner at the ends. Brush gently with a wide tooth comb if your hair is still wet to avoid breakage and frizz.
  2. Hair loves moisture so try a leave-in conditioner, hot oil treatment or conditioning hair mask at least once a week to battle frizz. Look for hydrating ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E and vitamin A. This will also help to strengthen your hair and add shine.
  3. Damaged hair and split ends are friends with frizz. Avoid all three by taking care of your hair and getting regular trims at a salon. Aim to get a haircut every 6-8 weeks. In between cuts, you can strengthen your ends and prevent breakage by applying a few drops of argan oil to your ends.
  4. Protect from the sun and the elements. Weather can be a huge reason why your hair frizzes out. Use products that have SPF in them because your scalp can easily burn and your hair can become damaged from the sun’s rays. Use styling products for different types of weather and wear a hat or scarf if you’ll be outside for a long period of time.
  5. You can help prevent faded color and frizz and add shine by doing an at home gloss treatment. It is kind of like a topcoat for your hair!
  6. If you have frizz prone hair, you need long layers in your hair. Next time you get a cut, ask for long layers to prevent frizz and prevent your hair from looking bottom heavy.
  7. Another tip to avoid frizz: make sure you dry your hair until it is completely dry if you use a hair dryer. Leaving it partially wet and going on with your day is just asking for frizz if you are prone to it.

Do you have frizzy hair? Do you get it year-round or is it worse in the summer with heat and humidity? What’s your favorite frizz remedy? Share with us!

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