We don’t often think about it, but it’s important for us to keep hair follicles clean to have healthy hair from root to tip. But washing our hair alone won’t always do the trick. When oils build up, it causes blockage, which then can cause scalp inflammation and damage to hair follicles.

How do hair follicles get clogged?

  • There are glands under your skin that produce and release sebum, also known as skin oil which keeps your scalp moist. When this oil builds up too much, it causes it to coat and stifle the follicles.

What can happen?hair follicles

  • Clogged follicles can cause skin irritations like acne and pimples.
  • It also can be inflamed and uncomfortable.
  • The oil build-up causes hair to be weighed down.
  • It can affect new hair growth.
  • It can weaken the hair shaft, increasing breakage.

How do we get rid of it?

  • Use Sulphur free Clarifying shampoos
  • Try a deep cleaning mask like Keranique’s Micro-Exfoliating Follicle Mask, which is designed to gently remove the buildup and unclog the follicles, which then creates healthier hair by restoring cells in the hair shaft and making the hair stronger.

How do we prevent it?

  • Reduce the heat – taking hot showers can irritate and dry out our skin and hair.
  • Rinsing in cool water helps prevent scalp irritation and closes the hair follicles which protects the hair shaft.

Sometimes it’s easy for forget about treating your scalp, but a healthy scalp means happy hair!

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5 thoughts on “Hair Follicles 101

  1. maxine says:

    Thank you for the info. I wish you all will start making a perm by Keranique. I will start using the coconut oil on my hair when wet next shampoo.

  2. Roe Blankinship says:

    I have been diagnosed with acne of the scalp, infection in follicle. I have been dealing with this for over 2 years. Can you send me info on your product that might help me. Dr. has only been treating symptoms, says it may never go away.

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