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Keranique: A Thick Trick!

Keranique was featured in the October 2015 Harper’s Bazaar magazine in an article entitled “7 Best Thick Tricks.”  The article explored cutting-edge products that can produce shiny and voluminous hair. Keranique is named as a solution for thinning tresses.  “Treat your scalp to a circulation-boosting massage as you lather up with Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo.” […]

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True Life: I Use Keranique (Month 4 – Maryanne)

Editor’s note: Hello ladies! Your Keranique team here, bringing you the first in a series we call “True Life: I Use Keranique.” This series will highlight real women’s experiences with our products that help regrow thinning hair in women, as well as help your hair appear thicker, fuller, healthier and stronger. The Keranique System has […]