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Keranique: A Thick Trick!

Keranique was featured in the October 2015 Harper’s Bazaar magazine in an article entitled “7 Best Thick Tricks.”  The article explored cutting-edge products that can produce shiny and voluminous hair. Keranique is named as a solution for thinning tresses.  “Treat your scalp to a circulation-boosting massage as you lather up with Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo.” […]

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Get the perfect wash ‘n go!

  Know what I love about being naturally curly?   The wash `n go!   Never heard of it?  Obviously, you either have really straight hair (in which case I would not recommend a wash and go) or you’re severely under-utilizing your God-given curls. Whatever the case, I’m about to put you on to game! Simple right?  […]