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What Does Dihydrotestosterone Do to Your Hair?

Thinning hair can occur as a result of so many factors, but often, it can be traced back to one element. A naturally occurring chemical in your body called DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, can be triggered by external or internal factors to make your hair follicles shrink until the hair falls out. Fortunately, the Keranique Deep Hydration Scalp […]

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Tutorial: How to Use Tint & Texture Color Density Spray

Keranique’s Tint and Texture Color Density Spray helps thin, oily hair appear ticker, fuller and positively shiny. Here are some basic steps on how to use Keranique’s Tint and Texture Color Density Spray. Determine which color is suitable for you Part your hair evenly Take a comb and separate smaller parts of hair Spray Keranique’s […]

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What’s So Bad About Sulfates in Shampoo?

Sulfate-free shampoo has risen in popularity in recent years. While many shampoos proudly label “Sulfate-Free” on their bottles, one should wonder how dangerous it is to use shampoo that does include sulfate as an ingredient. The reality is that the majority of shampoos still contain sulfates. This chemical compound has a unique ability to strip […]