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Facebook Live Stream with Franco and Sharday: Hair Loss Awareness Month

August marks Hair Loss Awareness Month, and we sat down with our professionals, Franco Della Grazia and Sharday Miranda, to discuss hair thinning and hair loss, and what the best ways to address them are. Admitting and understanding that there is a problem is step one. Hair loss effects everyone not just older women. Younger […]

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Importance of Hair Supplements

Sometimes a healthy diet is not enough to maintain healthy hair. The nutrients you eat to get stronger, thicker hair may be allocated to other organs in your body that need those nutrients first. When you’re struggling to grow your hair and increase thickness, hair supplements often help people find the results they want to […]

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Keranique and the Power of Peppermint

Sheila Thomas from Living Smart Girl begins her Keranique review by noting how peppermint has been used throughout history.  “Peppermint oil has been used for centuries to cure a number of medical issues including stomach ailments, cold symptoms and headaches. This powerful ingredient also helps to enhance hair and scalp health.” Sheila notes how peppermint […]