Clogged follicles can have big effect on the health and growth of our hair. Washing it with regular shampoos don’t always do the trick, but using clarifying shampoos and scalp stimulating shampoos can rescue your hair.

Keranique’s Scalp Stimulating Shampoo works in just minutes with proven results for thicker stronger hair.

Steps:Scalp Stimulating Shampoo

  • Wet hair with warm water
  • Massage the shampoo into the scalp and throughout the hair for a few minutes
  • Let it sit for 2-3 minutes
  • Expect a tingling sensation from the peppermint and menthol
  • Rinse with cool water
  • Gently pat dry
  • Style as usual

What makes the Keranique stimulating shampoo work so well is that it is infused with Keratin Amino Complex combined with the Pro Vitamin B5. They work together to activate and protect the hair follicles by thickening the hair cuticles and strengthening the hair fibers. Thicker hair cuticles create stronger hair growth.

It is also designed to work well with color treated hair as it’s PH balanced and free of any sulfates. You can use scalp stimulating shampoo a few times a month to help get you the results you are looking for.

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