Damaged hair can be the result of abuse or over processing. Styling with heat, chemicals, temperature extremes, harsh styling products and damaging hair accessories can really take a toll on hair. What can be done to bring hair back to a healthier state?  Luckily there are many ways to give abused and neglected hair the TLC it needs.

Conditioner and Hair Masques

The first place to start with damaged hair is to make certain that it’s properly conditioned. If your hair is dry, damaged and parched, conditioning will help to add back lost moisture and improve texture. Conditioning after every shampoo, along with a more intensive weekly conditioning masque or treatment, can help to improve the feel and texture of damaged hair.

Lay off the Heat

If hair is damaged, high heat can really make the situation worse. Turn down the temp on your hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron and use these high-heat products only when necessary.

Avoid Over-Washing

Many women wash their hair every day unnecessarily – for most women, shampooing three times a week may be all that is needed. A reduced washing schedule can cut down on heat styling, help color-treated hair retain its color longer, and protect hair through its natural oils. If hair is excessively oily or if you work out every day and frequent shampooing is necessary, make sure that it is a gentle shampoo that is not repeatedly stripping your hair of natural oils.

Leave-in Conditioner

Damaged hair can really benefit from a leave-in conditioner. They can also weigh hair down, so experiment to find one that works well with your hair type and texture. Light oils like argan oils can also help to improve hair feel and texture

Consider a Cutdamaged hair

When all else fails, consider a shorter cut. Many women hang on to their long, damaged hair when it could look so much prettier with the right – shorter – cut. Sometimes just an inch or two of dead ends can really renew your style. If more than a few inches much be cut, don’t despair!  Short hair is currently on-trend – a quick search for shorter styles on the internet can help you find the right style that can have you looking fabulous again!

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