No matter the cause, bald or thinning spots on the scalp in women can be especially troublesome and upsetting. Luckily, there are many ways of approaching and improving the situation. There are ways to conceal bald spots and improve the look of your hair in the short term, and ways that you can fight hair loss and regrow lost hair to offer a long term solution. Hair loss can be dealt with in many ways, and anyone can develop fuller, stronger, healthier hair.

Disguise and Conceal

Depending on where your hair is thinning, there are many ways you can go about disguising bald patches or thinning spots. Here are a few suggestions for working to improve the situation in the short term:


  • Changing your hair part or hairstyle may help cover or conceal bald areas.
  • Be cautious about hair styling. Ponytails might help conceal thinning areas, but they can also pull at and damage hair follicles and make the situation worse. Make sure that hair accessories are loose enough that they do not pull hair tightly.
  • Styling products and gentle teasing may help hair to appear thicker and fuller.
  • Hair extensions and removable hair pieces can add fullness and hide trouble spots.
  • Scalp powders can help to conceal bald spots. Keranique Fiber Instant-FX is an excellent example, as it bonds to hair and hides scalp to eliminate obvious bald spots.

Keranique Bald Spots

Regrow and Volumize

Fortunately, women no longer have to struggle with bald spots, thinning hair and hair loss. The Keranique Hair Regrowth System is a solution for bald spots that is clinically proven to regrow hair with regular use. Keranique can also instantly make your hair thicker, fuller and healthier looking, helping improve the overall look of your hair while it is experiencing regrowth.

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