Managing our dry hair can be a struggle. Changes in weather, water quality, diet, and season can all affect us. Just as we need to drink water to stay properly hydrated, our hair needs the hydration too! We’ve listed some do’s and don’ts when it comes to handling our beautiful, but dry hair:

To do:

  • Condition – Use a moisturizing conditioner (like Keranique) after shampooing, and after gently towel drying. run a leave-in conditioner through your locks.
  • Lay off – When possible, let your hair rest from styling tools to give it a chance to heal and recover.
  • Cover up – Protect your hair before swimming with a good coating of conditioner or a swim cap.
  • Mask it – Once a week treat your hair to a deep conditioning mask or hot oil treatment.
  • Dry Hair TipsOil it – Both Argan and Coconut oil are hydrating and nourishing, and can be applied when wet.
  • Comb it – Always use a wide tooth comb on wet hair to avoid breakage.
  • Trim it – Manage your split ends with regular trims.
  • Good eats – A healthy diet will also lead to healthy hair and nails, so eat well and drink plenty of water.

To avoid:

  • Don’t over-wash your hair. You will strip the natural oils it needs for hydration.
  • Don’t rinse hair in hot water; tepid water is better for your scalp and hair follicles.
  • Be careful of your heat setting! You don’t want to use overheated styling tools (hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons) which can easily burn your hair.
  • Over exposure to the sun can do a surprising amount of damage, so when you are out in the sun all day, consider wearing a cute scarf or hat (even in the winter).
  • It’s fun to change our hair color, but beware of over using hair dyes, which will strip your hair, turning it brittle.
  • Try to stay clear of traditional chemical straighteners and choose alternatives to protect both your hair and scalp.
  • Stay away from metal or cheap brushes, which can cause breakage.

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