We have a new product that just launched recently and thought you all should know about it!  We’ve realized something – great hair care products go well beyond styling products (especially for fragile tresses).  You need more than just shampoo and conditioner to get fabulous hair.  So, what’s great hair without a great comb?

Meet our Gentle Detangling Comb.   It is a detangling comb with rounded teeth, which easily glides through tangled hair.  It’s made with two sides: the wide-tooth side for conditioning and the medium-tooth side for detangling hair.

The best part about the Gentle Detangling Comb (at least we think so) is that you can purchase it on our website for only $10.  It’s affordable and will keep your hair healthy, silky and smooth.  Having a comb that is gentle on your locks should be an integral part of your hair maintenance.

What it does: The Keranique detangling comb will separate and detangle the hair allowing you to brush and style with ease, for a smooth finish on your hair.

Why we love it:  It’s gentle on your hair (hence the name) and will not only detangle your hair it won’t cause any damage such as split ends or breakage.

Who’s it for:  It’s for all hair types.  Thinning hair?  No worries – we thought of you too when we made this comb! We understand that fragile hair requires not only special shampoo, conditioner and treatment, but also exceptional styling tools!

Fun facts:  The Gentle Detangling Comb can be used in or out of the shower.  It works great in the shower to distribute our Volumizing Conditioner or afterwards to detangle hair.

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